Do You Feel Equipped to Talk About Race?

The events of 2020 and the prominence of the BLM movement has pushed the subject of race relations to the forefront of our national conversation.  Entering into the realm of honest discussion on race at any level is a personal decision. For the process to be effective, self-evaluation, an open mind, and willing vulnerability are required. Are you equipped for this?  The fact is, many of us have rarely or never engaged in frank, honest conversation about race.

How do you feel about the prospect of honestly discussing your position and responsibility on race related issues? Reluctant? Interested? Suspicious? Eager? Not interested? Why is that?

What should be one’s approach, attitude, and sense of responsibility be when entering into  honest discussions about race?

What mistakes can one make when discussing race and how can those mistakes be avoided?

Are you afraid that you may be judged to be politically incorrect or uninformed if you share your true feelings? Yes? No? Can you briefly explain?

How might your neighborhood or local community benefit from open discussion about race?

Please share your thoughts below.