Is God Really In Control?

Hardly a week goes by without some faithful person saying to me “God is in control.” It sounds so comforting.  And it’s what I want to believe. It means my responsibility is small. The big and small challenges in this world are all in the palm of His hand. He is so powerful He can stop all this chaos in a moment.

But, when I look around at human society, I see conflict and suffering in every corner. The evidence clearly seems to indicate that our loving God does not control human events!

Is God really in control of what happens in the world?
If God is ‘in control,’ why do things go wrong; why do bad things happen?
Do concepts such as predestination and “the hand of God” still have some degree of currency in today’s modern society?
If the claim that “God’s in control” does not sync with perceived reality, what is a better explanation of this apparent contradiction.
Or, is it just one of those unexplainable ‘mysteries’?

Please share your thoughts below.