Do You Think God Could Be Your…. Spouse?

This unusual topic, of experiencing God as my spouse, as my husband, has become central to my spiritual life and my marriage. And through recent discussions I have learned I am not alone! There are others who also enjoy the experience of God as their Bride or Bridegroom!

Father Moon and Mother Moon have taught that the interplay of feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) attributes are fundamental within God’s nature. The New Testament experience with God has been primarily as “Our Father”. We have also experienced and witnessed the forgiving, graceful, delicate expressions of God. These show God’s comforting maternal, motherly nature. 

And now, for over a decade, I have come to understand and experience God as my husband. Indeed, Hosea 2:16 says, “In that day,” declares the Lord’ “you will call me ‘my husband’” (NIV).

These are moments of profound intimacy in which God’s male essence touches my feminine essence. The result is an experience of pristine, pure love, which brings rejuvenation to my body and soul. As a result, my husband and I agree that the intimacy of our “earthly marriage” has been elevated.

Do you have a “personal” relationship with God? How would you characterize that relationship?

How does this idea of relating to God as a spouse strike you?

If you are female, can you briefly describe your most intimate experience with God’s masculinity? 

If you are male, can you briefly describe your most intimate experience with God’s femininity?

Please share your thoughts below.