Is There Evil?

Many people believe in the existence of evil; some do not. Every creature survives by feeding on others. Is competition evil? How about the food chain? 

Perhaps those events are proof of evil, or an expression of evil? If there is no evil, than how do we explain such horrific events?

Certainly, a lot of horrible events have occurred in history, such as the holocaust during World War II.

Jesus certainly taught that evil exists. In fact, he explained that evil is well organized and has a leader. There is a lot about evil in the Bible. 

What is evil? How can we define it? Can we say it is doing this or that, or NOT doing this or that? Or, is everything just relative? 

Does evil exist apart from humanity, in some autonomous form?  

Is the concept of evil just a religious thing? 

If evil is not natural, then where did it come from?

Is evil a human thing?

Did God create evil?

Is the universe dualistic?

Please share your thoughts below.