What’s the Problem, Racism or Tribalism?

The God who created the splendor of bright yellow daffodils, deep blue water, and stark white snow also created the splendor of the Yellow, Black and White racial tribes. These racial tribes have almost no significant biological differences, but they do have distinctive external appearances, distinctive spiritual endowments, and they have developed distinctive cultures. Each tribe adds a different and valuable element to the garden of humanity. Therefore, racial tribes are intended to be complementary and synergistic with one another.

Three distinct tribes were sent to North America. Each has a special and necessary role to play in developing our country. To allow each tribe to flourish, our Founders were divinely inspired to establish a country intended to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”…”with liberty and justice for all”. With such tribal and constitutional features, the United States had, and still has, the potential to become a prototype nation unique in human history.

These three tribes now have a 400-year history of living together on this continent. A magnificent and blessed nation has been created. But, sadly, an indelible feature of our nation’s story is the ungodly descent into tribalism, into a history that has included expropriation, bondage, chattel slavery, forced segregation, and unequal access to justice, freedom, and dignity. The conclusion must be that America’s problem is the more comprehensive and complex problem of tribalism, rather than the simplistic diagnosis of racism.

Perhaps tribalism and democracy do not mix well. The tribe that is in the majority has controlled the institutions of democracy and has oppressed those tribes in the minority. If we want to retain our democracy, we must complete the task of overcoming tribalism. In doing so, we may indeed establish a prototype nation that can benefit the myriad of other nations also suffering from the nightmare of tribalism.

What is your reaction to this idea of the three racial tribes each having a distinctive role in the development of this country?

What is your opinion of this diagnosis of racism vs tribalism?

What is the path for overcoming the problem of tribalism?

Please share your thoughts below.