A World Full of Problems from One Just One Mistake?

It’s been hammered into our heads that God is all-loving and all-good. For some, it is a matter of faith; for others it is a believable truth based on personal experience of love and happiness.

Then, at the same time, we are told that all sin and suffering in human history is due to a solitary mistake by one woman a very long time ago. The consequence of this one mistake is a wicked place called Hell. Hell is understood to be highly populated, with perhaps the vast majority of God’s children who, we are told, will suffer there for eternity.

Is this punishment?

The natural consequence of wrong action?

The response of an all-loving God?

Are we wrong to think that God is all-loving and all-good?

How can we reconcile a good and loving God with this scenario?

Do we perhaps not understand the magnitude of this mistake and its potential consequences?

What could this mean to us today?

Please share your thoughts below.