What’s Holding Up America’s Destiny?

Here’s my opinion: America is a nation of destiny. It has the greatest potential of any nation in the whole of human history. God has intended this country to be “the city on the hill”, one nation under God, a sovereignty under which all are equally protected, equally valued, equal participants. This philosophy of state, articulated in our country’s founding documents, acknowledges the transcendent value of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.

Furthermore, God intends our country to be the prototype for other nations to observe, appreciate and emulate. His hope is that we create a moral, ethical, civil standard that reflects His original vision of humanity: one united people, living as His sons and daughters. This unity, transcending race and ethnicity, was intended to be the example from which world unity and peace would eventually be derived.

Based on this understanding of America’s destiny, we can see that this is not to be a country for one race, or for one tribe. It is certainly no accident that, at the start of its colonial history, two distinctive tribes, the Europeans, and the Africans, both arrived on its shores. And long before them, the Native Americans had arrived, as representatives of the Asian race.

Indeed, the racial situation in this country has relevance world-wide. The racial/tribal struggles here epitomize scenarios around the globe in which various tribes have encountered each other in archetypal pairings of favored and less favored, or all too often, as oppressor and oppressed.

We must now ask ourselves this: Have we lived up to our potential to be a prototype for other lands to emulate and follow? If not, then what’s the hold up? What is prolonging the fulfillment of America’s destiny?

Do you agree that the United States had and still has the unique potential to be a prototype nation? Why or why not?

How would you describe the role of the U.S. in the context of our broader civilization?

What do you belief is causing the hold up in the U.S. fulfilling its destiny?

What is the relevance, if any, of the race/tribal issue in this country for other countries?

Please share your thoughts below.