A Beginning Point for World Peace?

Today’s turbulence reminds me of the 1960s anti-war movement, which I experienced during my first year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I quickly became disenchanted with what felt like hopeless solutions being offered by angry people. My question became: If every person’s worldview is equally valid — is there any hope for harmonious, peaceful solutions that could bring everyone together?

Eventually I became convinced that there is indeed a natural source of universal values that’s simple for everyone to understand. I realized that the source is the family, where we can all personally assimilate values like love, cooperative interdependence, selfless service — ultimately, shared prosperity.

Of course, no two families are alike. Furthermore, families in today’s world face any number of unexpected trials. Without exception, every family faces struggle, turmoil and heartbreak.

Yet it’s perfectly easy to understand the ideal of the responsible, loving family as the “school of love.” The family’s where I learned the physical, emotional, and spiritual values essential to social peace and prosperity.

What do you think are the underlying requirements key to sustainable peace? What would it take to meet those requirements?

Do you think there’s a way of achieving peace without shared universal values?

Given that so few experience an ideal family life, is it realistic to look to the family as the source of the experiences necessary to achieve that ideal societally?

If there are “universal values”, what are they? How should they be acquired and disseminated?

Please share your thoughts below