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What’s Your Motivation for Taking Care of Your Body?

After having worked as a personal trainer for almost 12 years, I still come across some people who ask, “It seems somewhat superficial to build a career around looking good. As a Christian woman, why would you choose a field that focuses so much on aesthetics?”

That’s a great question. My response is always this: “My body is not mine. I was created by God. I find satisfaction in keeping my body in good health and strength to honor Him. The Bible teaches us that our body belongs to God. So, we must take good care of our body and use it for His purpose. “

Social media, magazines and movies all glorify images of perfect looking bodies. People make a big effort, spending lots of time and money to look a certain way. Why is this so important? Does looking good make us feel better or happier, or is there more to it than that.

Some questions to consider:

What is God’s purpose for your body?

How do you think about your health? What does it mean to you?

How do you prioritize your bodily health? How important is living a healthy, active lifestyle to you? Why?

Do you have a unique personal philosophy or motivation regarding health that you can share with us?

How do you keep away from overeating and generally overindulging?

Please share your thoughts below.

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James Edgerly
James Edgerly
24 days ago

My biggest motivation to take care of my body is so that I can do adventurous and skillful out-of-door activities successfully and without getting injured. The better shape I am in, the more agressive and confident and I can be in doing my out-of-doors adventures. The outdoor activities (skiing, surfing, biking, hiking, whitewater paddleboarding) are an important source of inspiration in my life. The more fit I am, the more inspired an experience I can have in the out-of-doors. Ultimately, the question is, why is engergetic outdoor activity a source of inspiration? Why do I want to stay fit so… Read more »

Rob Sayre
Rob Sayre
27 days ago

The reason I did not ever smoke was due to my High School gymnastics coach. He had one simple rule, his first warning was, “there is no smoking on my team.” The second rule, was “if you are caught you are off the team.” I missed that time period when kids started and just never did. Thank you coach! We only haver one body, so we should take care of it. It allows us to live, to fulfill everything we want to achieve and without our health, we are burden upon our family and society. My wife and I have… Read more »

Rev. Carol Pobanz
1 month ago

you know it’s funny …I had an insight about this after having a grandchild. Whenever I babysit I dress not for myself but for the baby…I choose the colors he likes and even buy earrings that will make him happy. The first thing he does when he sees me is checks out my earrings observing the colors and the design…first one ear and then the other. I dress to make the one I love happy which in turn makes me happy.

John Hessell
John Hessell
1 month ago

Hi Cathy. I also believe that my body was created by God, and I want to honor the ideal that it was intended for. Since I enjoy sports, I focus more on performance than looks. For example, I did not smoke as a teenager because it would affect my lungs, and reduce my ability to hold my breath going under the waves when I was surfing. Now I try and exercise in order to live longer!

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