Peace in the Middle East?


Peace in the Middle East? Exploring the Origins of Jewish-Arab Conflict. Presented by Luc C. Jean on June 30th, 2024.

Implications of God as “Heavenly Parent”

HJI was pleased to co-host a special program with the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF) on Saturday, March 2 at 5 PM ET.

We discussed a topic of central religious importance: understanding the feminine/maternal aspect of God. HJI Co-founder Hak Ja Han Moon affirms that the term “Heavenly Parent” reflects more fully God’s ontological role as both our father and our mother. Our speakers address the implications of this semantic, conceptual, and relational progression.

HPF Director James Edgerly will introduce this engaging topic, followed by Barbara Robertson, Associate Chaplain at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and Justin Okamoto Head Pastor of the Belvedere Family Community, who will speak on the topic Implications of God as “Heavenly Parent”. Kaeleigh Moffitt, President of Women’s Federation for World Peace USA will be the respondent.

Perspectives on the Crisis in Gaza

HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership is pleased to co-host a panel discussion with the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF) “Perspectives on the Crisis in Gaza”. Our three panelists will present principled perspectives on the recent tragic events in Southern Israel and the Gaza Strip.

HPF Chair James Edgerly will be the host for this important event. Panelists include Dr Drissa Kone, HJI Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution and the Ministry, Dr. Andrew Wilson, HJI Professor of Scriptural Studies, and William Haines, Universal Peace Federation, UK. The program will conclude with Q&A from the audience and comments from HJI President, Dr. Thomas Walsh.