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Social Justice and the Headwing Perspective
CONVERSATION STARTER Since George Floyd’s tragic death in May at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, the United States has been experiencing societal convulsions not seen since the 1960s. A spate of protests—violent and nonviolent—have caused great distress in many American cities. Join the conversation
Searching for Peace
CONVERSATION STARTER The United States is again embroiled in a social upheaval over race relations. Peace and civil discourse are difficult to find, as insults, stereotyping, and name-calling prevail. I am listening carefully, but I can’t hear a voice for a better, Join the conversation
Moving Above and Beyond Polarization
CONVERSATION STARTER In recent years, Americans have become troubled by the vivid polarization occurring in our country. This polarization is becoming rooted in our culture, sharply divided between “conservative” and “liberal.” Division in the cultural sphere drives the related political stand-off between Join the conversation

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Tuning Fork Spirituality

About fifteen years ago, my sister Gail offered this confident refutation of my “high religion” approach to spirituality: “Jim, I’ll tell you where I see God. I see God inside people, inside the people around me, inside myself.” “Unacceptable,” I thought at the time. “That’s so humanistic and so belittling to God.” On the other hand, this came from my sister Gail — the gifted mother of a beautiful family. And I know well that she has pursued a life
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“Sexual Integrity”: What Is It? And Why Do We Want It?

In recent years, we have seen startling falls from grace by major personalities – Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, and Harvey Weinstein, to name a few. Decades of productive public life were all dead-ended in an instant, due to credible allegations of sexual misbehavior. The drama of these stories goes to the deep core of personal integrity. It also goes to something of central importance, but not well understood: sexual integrity. What is sexual integrity? Most of us generally understand the
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What is Happiness After All?

We all want to know the future because it will affect our happiness and well-being. Who will win the presidential election? Is the stock market going to go up… or down? Will I get the promotion at work that I deserve? If we stake our happiness on future events, if we are just waiting for that better job or promotion to finally happen, then we are not going to be happy people. We must learn to find happiness in the midst of the uncertainties and disappointments of today. Also, even if I do find happiness, is it right to be
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