Can I Suggest Four Principles of Happiness?

We must learn to find happiness amid the uncertainties and disappointments of today. But is it right for me to seek happiness when there is so much suffering in the world? Even while on vacation, I can’t help thinking about people who are starving, wars that are going on, economies collapsing, children suffering in broken families.

I want to be a responsible person. Rather than being on vacation, should I be doing something to help?

For me, there does seem to be a way to be both responsible and happy. Below are four simple principles, guided by my faith, that have helped me find a fulfilling, happy, and balanced life.

First, the essential element to any effort to improve the world is to start with and include God.

Second, continuously love and care for those in my immediate circle. This follows the motto:  “Living for the Sake of Others.”

Third, I look for ways to serve in some aspect of the world around me. In fact, the motto on one of my favorite t-shirts reads “Peace Starts with Me!”  

Fourth, partake of the beauty and pleasures of life on the earth such as nature, good food, hobbies, and friends.  Do things that you enjoy.  This principle creates the balance in my life.

How does my approach compare to your approach to finding a happy and balanced life?

Do my four principles work for you?

Do you have your own principles of happiness? What are they?

Please share your thoughts below