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Dr. D. Michael Hentrich

A World Full of Problems from One Just One Mistake?

It’s been hammered into our heads that God is all-loving and all-good. For some, it is a matter of faith; for others it is a believable truth based on personal experience of love and happiness. Then, at the same time,

Dr. D. Michael Hentrich

Can God Have a Problem?

God is God, right? Omniscient and almighty; the author of life. The ingenious creator of insects. The brilliant, delicate designer of flowers. The massive and impeccable power behind the billions of galaxies in our vast universe.  Then how could God,

Dr. D. Michael Hentrich

Is There Evil?

Many people believe in the existence of evil; some do not. Every creature survives by feeding on others. Is competition evil? How about the food chain?  Perhaps those events are proof of evil, or an expression of evil? If there

Daniela Wetherall

Do You Think God Could Be Your…. Spouse?

This unusual topic, of experiencing God as my spouse, as my husband, has become central to my spiritual life and my marriage. And through recent discussions I have learned I am not alone! There are others who also enjoy the

James Edgerly

Can God Fit Into a Human Being?

My sister once explained her approach to spirituality: “Jim, I’ll tell you where I see God. I see God inside the people around me, inside myself.” Similarly, at the Last Supper, Jesus admonished his disciple Phillip “…Don’t you believe that….the

Dr. D. Michael Hentrich

Is God Really In Control?

Hardly a week goes by without some faithful person saying to me “God is in control.” It sounds so comforting.  And it’s what I want to believe. It means my responsibility is small. The big and small challenges in this

Rev. Carol Pobanz

Was There an “Original Normal”?

It has become commonplace for people to work from home and shop online – deliveries are made by Amazon. We greet our neighbors at a six-foot distance without the warmth of a handshake, smile behind a mask and visit our

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