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HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership is pleased to co-host a special program with the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF), “Science Within the Consciousness of God” to be held on May 21 at 7 PM ET.

Mr. James Edgerly, Director of Higher Purpose Forum will be the host of this event.

Ms. Alison Wakelin, Widener University Assistant Teaching Professor will be the main presenter. She will speak on the various paths taken by scientists to find a holistic perspective to complement the reductionist model, and if Unification principles offer a path toward incorporating a wider model of reality.

Dr. Andrew Wilson, HJI Professor of Scriptural Studies will be the respondent.

Following challenges to Newton’s mechanistic model of the universe, the early twentieth century offered the possibility of a new perspective via Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. However, physics turned to an instrumental approach rather than understanding the deeper implications of the new theories. The primary concern became the prediction of the outcome of experiments rather than incorporating purpose, meaning and consciousness.

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