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We live in a relational universe. That means every aspect of it exists in relationship with some other aspect(s). We have discovered no exceptions to this. Whether we look at the tiniest subatomic particle or the most distant galaxy, everything is in relationship with something else. Every single action involves   partners, interaction, complementary bonds, give and take.

This is common sense. There’s no new insight in this. However, what we may not have put in the proper perspective is the question of quality.

Interactive relationship is going on everywhere. A baseball game is all about interactive relationships, but so is war. Enjoying your favorite TV game show or beating your spouse; they are both manifestations of relationship. What makes the difference in the experience of the interaction and in the outcome? Quality.

We are referring to the quality of interaction (amount of energy, precision, continuity) between the initiator (subject) and respondent (object) partners. But even more fundamentally, we are referring to the inherent quality (level of character, virtue, completeness) of each one of the two partners themselves. What kind of character/personality does each bring to the relationship? This will largely determine what kind of interaction will take place, and how effectively each will manage the interaction and respond.

Thus, quality on all levels is the determinant of what kind of dynamic is being generated and experienced as well as the outcome of that interaction, be it caring for people or killing them.

Please comment on any aspect of this perspective on relationships that speaks to you. Please add to our understanding on this important topic.

Looking at current relationships in your own life, how does inherent quality measure up in terms of your preparedness, personality, motivation, attitude.

Have you observed similar outcomes across various relationships you have experienced that might reflect back on your inherent qualities as a relationship partner?  In what areas are there concerns? What might be done about them? 

What are some significant ways the quality of subject and object, in terms of human personality and interaction, impacts our society? What can be done about it?

Please share your thoughts below.

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Chris Noble
Chris Noble
27 days ago

When you observe two people together, you see both individuals and you also see their relationship. Three distinct entities.

Tyler Hendricks
Tyler Hendricks
Reply to  Chris Noble
27 days ago

Good point. It fits in with the idea of Heavenly Parent as the Trinity. The “two people” are Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Their relationship is the third entity, Heavenly Parent. Heavenly Parent is an entity, a person, the perfect, absolute, eternal oneness in heart/love of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. This represents the vision of the Father-Son-Holy Ghost Trinity set forth in the Athanasian Creed. And it comprehends True Father’s vision of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother God, culminating in True Mother’s statement that God is Heavenly Parent.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Reply to  Tyler Hendricks
27 days ago

I was referring to any two people, with their qualities and flaws, and the relationship those two people have, which also has its own distinct qualities.

Tyler Hendricks
Tyler Hendricks
Reply to  Dr. D. Michael Hentrich
27 days ago

Correct, it is not the meaning intended. Having said that, I believe that the oneness of two perfected human beings, husband and wife, encompasses the cosmos. It is the entire purpose of creation. And it creates the image of God, a child. It glorifies and magnifies God. : )

27 days ago

Is relationship learned or is it in our nature?

Rev. Carol Pobanz
1 month ago

What are some significant ways the quality of subject and object, in terms of human personality and interaction, impacts our society? What can be done about it? – Too often we haven’t been able to step into the “shoes” of the other person

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