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HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership is pleased to co-host a special program with the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF).

Mr. James Edgerly, Director of Higher Purpose Forum will be the host of this event.

Dr. Andrew Wilson, HJI Professor of Scriptural Studies, will cover specific topics of the Principle’s treatment of scientific topics as conveyed in the Wolli Wonbon. These will include: elemental forces of gravity and electromagnetism, planetary motion, incandescent color, and applications to human psychology.

William Lay, JD, Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice and Human Secuirty, HJI will be the respondent.

Rev. Moon’s (as yet unpublished) first manuscript of Divine Principle (titled Wolli Wonbon), which he wrote in 1951-52, devotes more than 100 pages to science. Topics range from astronomy to evolution, from electro-magnetism to animal behavior to psychology.

In the background of Wolli Wonbon is Rev. Moon’s own life experience, first as a student of electrical engineering at a school connected to Waseda University in Japan, and then as a prisoner in the Heungnam Prison Camp in North Korea where he was subjected to many hours of indoctrination in Marxist dialectical materialism. At the start of his ministry, Rev. Moon saw a need to put forward “the Principle”, as both a rigorous counterproposal to dialectical ideologies and a worldview that could be the basis for working towards a future of peace and harmony.

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